After much testing we rolled out a bespoke printing service, allowing us to offer our customers an opportunity to order any size mail bags, colours, thicknesses or to have their brand printed on the packaging (mailbags, tapes, and garment bags).

Studies show that packaging plays a huge part of a brands identity and first impressions mean a lot throughout life. This of course applies to E-commerce and online businesses. Packaging is the first contact the customer has when their goods arrive, with our bespoke printing service we offer businesses a chance to make a strong and lasting impression on their buyers; reinforcing customer relations and providing a unique marketing tool to expose your brand to whoever it comes in contact with on its journey. 


Mail Bags

Great for printing fine detail, gradients, and bright colors, consistently throughout many print runs.

Mail bag.jpg

The rotograuvre printing process is built to print on flexible materials such as plastic film.

Cardboard Box

Flexographic printing is an economical option, ideal for printing high volumes on porous surfaces like corrugated cardboard and paper. 



-    Bespoke products can introduce your brand to potential customers.
-    They provide contact details and other essential information.
-    With an increase of distribution, your brand exposure also increases.
-    Well designed graphics can potentially increase revenue due to word of mouth from customers.
-    They are aids in maintaining loyal and reoccurring customers. 

If you’re unable to create a design suitable for your company or think it will be a daunting experience, don’t worry! We have a designated design team to streamline the process and to help you create your ideal bespoke packaging.

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