SR mailing believes that as a society we have to make a fundamental shift in the way we value resources and move from a liner economy to a circular one. Therefore we made two choices when comes to the design and manufacture our products. 

Firstly, we treat waste plastic to form our new raw material, all our grey mailers are manufactured from 100% recycled LDPE plastics 
Secondly, we are developing an eco-range of products to increase awareness of plastic impacts. 



Our factory provides the highest quality products consistently and with the latest equipment we spearhead innovations.


We can design and manufacture a complete custom printed packaging product to fit all your needs.

100% recycled

We treat waste plastic to form our raw material

 and all of our grey mailers come form 100% recycle LDPE plastics.


We are developing an

eco-friendly range of products and increasing awareness of the  impact of plastic. 

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