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The ease of biodegradation with our new products

With the increase in e-commerce shopping and the additional demand this places for cheap, affective alternatives to conventional carbon heavy packaging products; here at SR Mailing we have been investing in more sustainable and environmentally friendly substitutes. Introducing our new range of bio-degradable packaging products:

Bio-degradable Document enclosed wallets – These document enclosed wallets degrade in the presence of oxygen and the process is accelerated by UV light and heat. They won’t however break down instantaneously, to give the product a good shelf life the product will remain in a stable condition until the process begins approximately 18 months after they have used.

Kraft Tape – This kraft paper tape has a natural rubber based adhesive that helps to create an extremely strong bond to most packaging surfaces and being that it’s only other material is paper the speed in which this product can completely degrade is incredibly fast meaning it is much better for the environment then standard plastic tape.

Mailbags with bio-degradable additives – After much time finalising the perfect formula in our factory, we have created the ideal mix of materials to create not only mailbags that biodegrade in the environment but also have the strength and durably to ensure that all of yours goods will reach their customers undamaged.

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