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China Import 25% Tariffs Take Effect on Packaging for US customer

The ongoing trade negotiations between the US and China have impacts over the majority of packaging products imported from China. We're keeping this article up to date with the latest news about how your packaging imports are affected especially US customer.

May 10, 2019

The tariff increase of 25% has gone into effect on 10th May.

Packaging Products which were impacted by the 10% increase last year will be increased by an additional 15%, and new products impacted by the tariffs will increase by the full 25%.

Any products that are in production or in transit but have not passed through US customs will be affected. If you are a SR Mailing US customer with any order created after 10th May will get effected on final price.

Despite the 25% tariff, our market analysis indicates that the majority of plastic packaging is still more cost effective imported from China, however if you are interested in evaluating other options.

For our UK customer, Price will not be affected till further notice.

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