How can you reuse plastic and contribute to a better environment?

Nowadays it seems living plastic free is virtually impossible. With the sheer amount of plastic on display in supermarkets and from online shopping, how can you contribute to reusing plastic and avoid impacting the environment with further damage from improperly recycled bags? The answer is simple, reduce, reuse and recycle or the 3 r’s of recycling.

Reducing the use of plastic minimises your impact on the Earth’s environment and creates a sustainable atmosphere for future generations. Some great ways of reducing your use of plastic in everyday life are as follows:

  • By not buying unnecessary purchases – this will also eliminate waste

  • Try to remember to bring shopping bags with you when you go for the weekly shop – this not only saves you money but helps reduce the amount of plastic bags being used.

  • Put a stop to all single use items such as drinking straws or plastic bottles – although this isn’t always possible when we can try to use reusable cups and paper straws.

Reusing, ensures that we don’t just dispose of perfectly working items even when we stop wanting them, this in turn stops it going to landfill and alleviates the strain we put on the environment. Some great ways to follow this practice are:

  • Donating unwanted items to a charity shop where in turn these items can be used to raise money for a good cause.

  • Reselling them online though a range of different online stores or via social media.

  • Re-purposing or up-cycling – this is the process of taking unwanted items and making them into new things.

Recycling converts waste material that would ordinarily end up on a landfill into new material and objects. By observing a good practice of recycling we not only save material but it ultimately lowers greenhouse gas emissions and reduces the possibly of pollution both air pollution (from incineration) and water pollution (from landfills). Ideally items should only be recycled if there is no way of reusing or repairing it. Some great materials to recycle are as follows:

  • Plastics – not all plastics can be recycled but you can check with your local councils for what can and cannot be.

  • Paper / Cardboard – these materials can be pulped and made into new paper.

  • Electrical items – these have both metal and plastic that can be recycled especially mobile phones which contain rare and valuable metals.

  • Glass – this can be melted down and reformed into new glass.

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