How to Package A Bottle of Wine for Shipping ?

Updated: Aug 14, 2019

Global Online Wine Sales

Nowadays, offline wine sales remain dominant, but the global growth of online wine sales is undeniable and faster than that of offline wine sales. Global online wine sales accounted for over $10 billion in 2017 and represents 5% of the global wine sales. This is still relatively low but the tendency is notably led by the expansion of e-commerce and wine consumption in new wine countries, especially in China.

Most of the online wine sellers are facing a same problem:

How to package wine bottles for shipping safely?

SR Mailing Ltd developed the best solution for packing and shipping wine. This is for all online wine sellers to make sure the wine bottles can be delivered without damage or problems.

It's simple and easy, just follow the steps as below:

Step 1. Prepare packaging materials and the wine you want to package.

From left to right, you will need one Wine Air Pouch, an Air Inflator, a Wine Shipping Box (single bottle), a roll of Fragile Packaging Tape and Printer Labels.

Step 2. Inflate the wine air pouch.

Find the hole on the right hand side of the air pouch, pump it up with the inflator, this will take about 3-5 seconds.

The air pouch will stop taking in air automatically when it is ready.

Step 3. Assemble the wine shipping box and seal the bottom with fragile packing tape

Boxes come flat pack, use fragile tape to show extra care needs to be shown during transportation.

Seal the box with Fragile tape, "H" sealing gives extra support.

Step 4. Put the wine into the air pouch and put the air pouch into the shipping box.

The air pouches are designed to fit the standard bottles sizes perfectly.

The shipping box is also designed to fit the air pouch perfectly.

Step 5. Do not forget to include invoice, delivery note or other paperwork in the box.

There is a small space left for invoices in the corner.

Step 6. Final check and then seal the box with fragile tape.

Use fragile tape for extra care and attention.

Use "H" Sealing for extra support.

Step 7. Labeling - attach the essential labels like address labels, bar codes or QR code labels and the handle with care label.

Attach handle with care labels & dispatch labels.

Step 8.Now its ready to ship just give it to your courier for delivery.

Its easy and simply to use and makes your bottle look fantastic.

Special shape bottles

This solution works perfectly for most wine and spirit with standard bottle sizes.

But there are some special bottles have a special shape like gin and whisky.

Special size air pouch and shipping box

For these special bottle, a larger size air pouch + shipping box solution is available.

All you need to do is wrap the bottle with bubble wrap until it fit the size of air pouch and everything else is exactly the same as the standard procedures.

Both the standard size and large size air pouch have compatible single bottle shipping boxes and double bottles shipping boxes.

Wine shipping box - Double

Special size bottle shipping box - Double

Products mentioned above and links:

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Wine Shipping Box - Single & Double

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Fragile Packing Tape


Special Size Air Pouch

Special Size Bottle Shipping Box - Single & Double

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