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Updated: May 24, 2019

Plastic polythene mail bags are the most common type of packaging. They can be manufactured in a variety of sizes and colours that cater to the buyers needs. The mail bags are designed to help protect the product on transit, save postage costs due to its lightweight nature, provide confidentiality during transit due to its opaque properties, and also being moisture resistant allowing them to be used as a double up with boxes as waterproof protection. All of our mail bags come with a self-adhesive strip of glue for convenience whilst packing and also extra security, ensuring that once they’ve been sealed they can’t be opened and resealed without tearing the bag.

Key Features:

• Material Composite – 30% Rare (Virgin) & 70% Recycled

• Extremely lightweight allowing you to minimise postal costs

• Produced using co-extrusion technology and manufactured with a thickness of 50-60 micron (220-240 Gauge)

• 3 layers of compressed polythene film resulting in a very robust, opaque and durable bag

• 100% Moisture resistance

• Able to withstand rough handling during transit, Puncture and tear proof

• Temperature resistant Glue

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