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Plastic Recycle Innovation in the UK

Although plastic is one of the greatest inventions from this modern era, it is also recognized as one of the world’s most damaging inventions. Plastic gives economical convenience for manufactures and for use throughout our day to day lifestyles. It also creates “White pollution” the likes of which this planet has never previously experienced.

Why do we need to recycle plastic?

1. Plastic come from oils, by recycling and reusing plastic, we can minimize the drilling for new oil.

2. Recycling saves energy as manufacturers don’t have to produce something new from raw materials. Manufacturers will also benefit from it by using the recycled material to keep the production costs down.

3. Recycling reduces landfills. No one wants to live next to a landfill and it we keep sending our plastic waste to landfills we will keep having to build more and more.

4. Recycling helps alleviate climate problems; it produces less carbon which reduces the amount of unhealthy greenhouse gas emissions.

5. Recycling is good for the economy, products made from recycled materials use less water, creates less pollution and use less energy.

How SR Mailing adopted a zero waste policy and proudly manufactured 100% recycled plastic grey mailers without affecting their performance.

Recycled content are hard to predicate but with the latest technology and years and years of film making experience, we were enabled to stabilize the quality of recycled film and get it to perform as good as mailbags made from virgin content.

Each year SR Mailing ships over 300 pallets of polythene granular back to our closed loop recycling system to prevent used plastic going to landfill sites. We aim to take back the same amount of waste each year that we use to produce our polythene products.

Each year over 2500 tonnes or 500 pallets of polythene scrap material is recycled in the closed loop recycling system - that's 2500 less tonnes of polythene going to landfill sites.

Apart from this, over the past few months SR Mailing has endeavored to reduce its carbon footprint and aims to tackle this global plastic environmental issue.

Here is the wireframe of SR mailing’s position statement:

SR Mailing is looking to develop an environmentally friendly range of packaging as part of our environmental management and social responsibility.

SR Mailing is committed to tackling plastic waste, especially ocean plastic and to this ends it is:

 Developing a new range of 100% recycled grey mailers

 Offering a range of biodegradable packaging

 Offering recycled and recyclable packaging as standard

 Educating customers and users of the recycling options through on-pack information.

 Minimizing material use and waste onsite.

We aim to follow the waste hierarchy of reducing, repairing, repurposing, recycling, composting and recovering where ever possible.

SR Mailing is committed to the Plastic Pact by WRAP to ensure the following outcomes by 2025.

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