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Polyethylene = Plastic = Bad?

Polyethylene, abbreviated PE, is the most common plastic in the world.

It is divided into 7 types, we can see the signs everywhere in our life.

HDPE, LDPE and PP are not known to leach any chemicals that may lead to cancer or other illness.

These polyethylene products are the safest choices, and need to be recycled and reused.

PETE (PET) and OTHER are harmful only during the production, but don't leach any chemicals when they are solid.

These polyethylene need to be used with caution.

They are not as widely recycled as the safe ones.

PVC(V) and PS are known to contain either hormone disruptors or human carginogens.

They are less likely to be recycled than other polyethylene products.

And they are the polyethylene products that are supposed to be reduced in usage or banned.

UK did a good job on plastic packaging waste recycling during the past 20 years. With a 40% increase in recycling, it is clearly visible. But to catch up with other EU countries, the UK definitely needs to and will put more attention on it.

At SR Mailing, we innovating zero waste by recycling the same amount of material that we use to produce plastic by 2025.

Our grey mailing bags are made from 100% recycle LDPE and can be 100% recycled at least 10 times.

Our transparent clear bags and Packing Tapes are made from PP and can be 100% recycled at least 10 times.

To sum up, Plastic > Polyethylene ≠ Bad.

But please Reduce, Reuse and Recycle Polyethylene.

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