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What is Bubble Wrap? What is Bubble Padded Envelopes or Jiffy Bags?

What is Bubble Wrap?

 Bubble Wrap is a transparent LDPE material, normally used for packing fragile items, regularly spaced, protruding air-filled hemispheres(bubbles) provides cushioning protection for fragile items or sensitive objects.

 The bubbles that provide the protection for fragile objects are generally available in different sizes, depends on the size of the object being packed, as well as the level of cushioning protection that is needed.

 Multiple layers might be applied to provide better shock and vibration isolation.

Raw material of the bubble film

 There are three typical grades of PE material blended, they are:

1. LDPE (Base Resin.)

2. LLDPE (Higher puncture resistance)

3. HDPE (Extra Rigidity, Physical toughness, less friction)

These Bubble films are made by Sancell*

Additives in the PE

UVI(Ultra Violet Inhibitor)

PE film will be disintegrated(breaking to fragments, discolouration) within

2-3 Months when it is exposed under ultra violet rays. A 3-6% dose of UVI additive into resins will extend a life to against such disintegration for a few years, depends on the % of dose and level of UV radiation

A/S(Anti-static Additive)

This additive contains a high percentage of anti-static agents (cationic, anionic surface active agent)

These chemicals will ooze out to the surface of film and be reformed to the very thin ionized semi-conductive layer by absorbing moisture in the air. This thin layer will eliminate static charge in film during processing and end use application.

F/R(Flame Retardant Additive)

This additive contains a high percentage of aluminum hydroxide or halogen based chemicals. When plastic film containing this inorganic agents catches fire, the agent discharges water by thermal decomposition or catches free radicals in the film, extinguishing the flame.

H/S(High Slip Agent)

This agent contains a high percentage of very fine silica powder and amide based chemicals, these will ooze out to the surface of the film gradually and reduce surface friction.

The above Raw Materials and Additives are 100% recyclable and is CFC free. ( Chlorofluorocarbons, “Damage the Ozonosphere” )

Origin of Bubble Wrap

 “Bubble Wrap” is a generic trademark owned by Sealed Air Corporation

 In 1957 there were two inventors named Alfred Fielding and Marc Chavannes were attempting to create a three-dimensional wallpaper. Although the idea was failed, they found what they made could be used as packing material.

 Sealed Air Coporation was co-founded by Alfred Fielding in 1960.

What is Bubble Envelopes?

 Bubble envelopes also known as Padded Bag, Padded Mailer and commonly known as Jiffy Bags in the United Kingdom after a famous manufacturer, the “Jiffy Packaging Company”.

 The exterior envelope can be made of a heavy paper, paperboard, corrugated fiberboard or plastic film.

 The padding material can be recycled newsprint, foam, bubble wrap or other cushioning materials

 Many of these mailers have a flap that has a pressure-sensitive adhesive (PSA, also called Self-Adhesive), a gummed(water-activated) adhesive, or tape to allow easy and secure closure.

Features of Our Bubble Envelopes

 Our Bubble envelopes are constructed from 75 gsm Kraft paper

 Protection given by Sancell air bubble lining.

 Reduces postal costs due to lightweight construction.

 High slip bubble film liner for ease of use.

 Featherpost’s bubble envelopes are between 9-26% Larger than Jiffy.

Sizes avalialbe from SR Mailing. click here to shop

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